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Earth Day

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Earth Day

By Sophie Smith 

Irvetta means ‘friends of the sea’: it’s a pledge that is intrinsically intertwined into each and every product on our website. Our fabrics are eco-certified as a sustainable product and the timeless design of the Odyssey Collection promotes the longevity of fashion. This ensures that swimwear and ready-to-wear can be worn year-on-year without the anxiety of fraying fabrics or misinterpreting snap trends and fighting the fast-fashion cause simultaneously.

That’s exactly why we are honouring the importance of Earth Day this year.

On the 22nd of April, over 1 billion people in 192 countries will participate in Earth Day: an annual celebration of the natural capabilities of the world. More importantly, it is a day of reflection to consider the damage we collectively cause and an opportunity to discuss how we can better preserve the land we walk on.

This year, Earth Day holds the theme of ‘Restore our Earth’, aimed to highlight the myriad of opportunities each citizen has to aid the fight against climate change. Although adaptation and mitigating carbon emissions is a popular rhetoric, this Earth Day we are encouraged to interpret the alternate options that innovative thinking and green technologies are producing.

Our individual purchases all contribute to our own carbon footprint: every car journey we take pollutes harmful gasses; our plastic waste ends up in our oceans and every item of clothing that is delivered to our doorstep has been through a chain of harmful polluters, simply for our convenience.


By no means does Earth Day have to signify living a carbon neutral lifestyle: although a worldly idea, as human beings we desire convenience and perhaps this life-changing pledge would be unrealistic to expect of us.

But we can all do more to consider the preservation of the earth in our lives.

Even at Irvetta, despite proudly holding the status of an eco-luxury brand, we realise the importance of doing more to conserve our natural landscape. Immersing ourselves in Earth Day is one step the Irvetta team are taking to consider the ethical and environmental impact of fashion. We intend to listen and learn about how innovative thinking can further our eco-conscious brand’s efforts to being a sustainable brand whilst inspiring others to consider the environment when purchasing swimwear.

Since the birth of Irvetta, the team firmly believe that it is essential to use our eco-luxury swim and ready-to-wear to influence the long-overdue fight against fast-fashion. At present, poor quality or trend-today-gone-tomorrow items of clothing are only worn once or twice before we consider them ‘old’. This is resulting in a loss of over £326 billion due to clothing underutilisation and the lack of recycling.

This shocking statistic is only more likely to have increased during the pandemic, with the opportunity to ship in items from across the world at low prices, the temptation to order clothes for single use has been more than highlighted by the stay at home orders.

But, with figures showing that CO2 emissions are back at pre-pandemic levels, it’s now more important than ever to consider the impact that our everyday choices have on the world around us and make a change this Earth Day.

All Irvetta products are cut from the finest Italian fabrics and were carefully selected for
maximum durability and minimal environmental impact alike. Each item from the Odyssey Collection offers an exemplary of timeless fashion, with each piece offering longevity with sophisticated designs, complemented by a minimalistic colour palette.

This combination aspires to offer each customer wardrobe and poolside staples that prevent the need to purchase low-quality, fast-fashion items. This not only minimises the environmental impact in swimwear production but it also takes away any anxiety about what to wear for any holiday, spa break or a date lounging in the sunshine.

Together, we can restore the earth and making our individual pledges on Earth Day is a perfect start to considering what we can do to honour the world we walk on.