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Choosing the Perfect Swimwear to Flatter Your Body Type

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Choosing the Perfect Swimwear to Flatter Your Body Type

By Milly Allinson 

Bandeaus. String bikinis. Halter neck. High waisted. One shoulder. One-piece. Bralettes. Briefs.

With the sheer variety of styles available, selecting a new bikini or swimsuit should be an exciting and well-considered process.

Choosing the perfect swimwear for your body type will help you make the right choice.

When you're face-to-face with a range of gorgeous swimwear, it can be tempting to go with your first impulse. But a colour or pattern that catches your eye might disappoint in the changing room - a feature might not suit your neckline, a style might hide away your curves.

With rising concerns about sustainability, swimwear needs to last longer than just one holiday. In fact, a truly classical swimwear design will not only last, but, if selected carefully, will suit you time after time.

Considering which designs will accentuate your natural assets is a key focus. A particular bikini may look nice at first glance, but knowing which colours, shapes and features will be complimentary to your type can help you make the wisest, and most stylish, investment.

So, how can I find my body type?

Finding your body type is not an exact science. Our bodies can, and do, fluctuate due to hormonal changes and genetic differences.

Every woman is unique, and her body will be special in a variety of different ways. It is vital to feel confident in your own shape, and that's why it's key to know how to emphasise your body's natural assets - because we all have them, it's just about knowing the right way to utilise them.

Previously, body shapes have been strictly delineated to body-shame women, or encourage them to compete with one another. But these differences are at last being celebrated. 

Use body types for your benefit. They can help you understand what will suit you, but don't let strict adherence to them take you over.

The best way to discover your personal body type is to measure yourself and see which you fit most closely into. Be sure not to wear heavy clothing before you measure.

Measure all the way around your bust, waist and hips, ensuring to start at the fullest point of each.



The triangle figure is characterised by curvy hips and a petite bust.

With such wonderful hips, it might be tempting to draw all the attention to them. Instead, try to accentuate your chest by a swooping neckline. When you wear the Athena Apex Top, its dramatic neckline will become a focal point, creating a sense of balance with your hips.

Keep your bottom half plain, and allow your natural curves to draw the eye. Choose monochrome briefs with little to no embellishment, like our Athena Classic Briefs.


An athletic figure is typically well-toned and muscular. So, after all the hard work of exercising and toning, it would be a shame not to show your figure off. Choose briefs with details at the hip to emphasise your slim, toned waist.

Embellishments and details can also soften this shape, especially at the waist. The
Penelope bikini briefs are tied at the sides with a bow detail. Patterned prints, like our elegant peony design, can also soften, and help to accentuate petite breasts.


Slim body shapes are very versatile, but there are still swimsuits that will make the most of your type.

Swimsuits can be incredibly flattering for a petite figure. The Scylla one piece has a lattice motif down the side, which will trace your body's shape, making you appear taller. The off-shoulder design adds interest around your chest, suggesting a sense of curvature. 

If it’s a bikini you’re looking for, the Scylla one shoulder bandeau will be perfect in either pink or peony blossom designs.


Curves are meant to be seen, and this type is typically curvy at the bust and waist.
Select a swimsuit that gives your curves their full glory by keeping your chest subtle without frills or embellishment, letting your assets stand out.

High-waisted bottoms will show off the lines of your curves and lengthen your legs, all with a vintage style, such as our signature Circe high waisted briefs.



Inverted Triangle

This type has a large bust and slim waist, so emphasising bust and suggesting curvature is key.

The Arabella one piece crosses over the chest to suggest curves and dramatise your waist.

If you have a larger chest, choose a supportive bikini top to give you extra confidence whilst you swim. Top it all off with a beautiful black kimono to compliment your shape, keeping the length relatively short, like our elegant Selene silk kimono.

It’s important to remember...

Our bodies are all unique and don't necessarily fit just one mold.

You may find you need to mix and match between these archetypes. Ensuring your swimsuit has a classic, flattering style is the most important thing of all.

Whether you're searching for supportive bikini tops, high-waisted briefs, or stunning one-piece swimsuits, take a look through our full catalogue of classical contemporary swimwear and Ready-to-Wear pieces.