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How To Take Care Of Yourself During Lockdown 

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How To Take Care Of Yourself During Lockdown 
By Stephanie Carmona Fagundes
As lockdowns are becoming a worldwide reality once again, many of us are experiencing a déjà vu of anxiety, confusion and frustration. During these challenging times, it is more important than ever to love yourself and take care of your mental health and wellbeing. 
Trying to stay in touch with friends and family, treating yourself to a relaxing bath or perhaps spoiling yourself with your favourite dishes, are some of the most common plans you could have during your 'me-time' at home. But if you've worn-out these options, we've come up with the perfect list to help you get through the lockdown! 
1. Stay Active
It's no secret that exercise is both physically and mentally good for your wellbeing. Cardio naturally helps to boost energy and will help you to sleep better at night. For something more relaxing, try subscribing to yoga classes. 
2. Meditate
Trying to find inner peace during these stressful times could be more challenging than you think, but it's all about trying. Set yourself some time during the day to disconnect, light up some incense, meditate and find yourself. 
3. Keep in touch with friends and family
Call that friend you haven't talked to for days, meet your family in a group Zoom meeting or perhaps get - virtually - together with your girlfriends on a Friday night-wine call. 
4. Try Cooking New Recipes
Cooking and baking can be a productive and therapeutic activity for anyone trying to enjoy that free time at home. Set yourself a cooking day and try out new recipes! Maybe you could be the new host of your friends' gatherings at home after lockdown?
5. Experiment with DIY ideas 
We have all at least once said in our lives: "I'd love to give this shelf another look"; "what if I tie-dyed these jeans?"; "should I create and paint my own pottery crockery?" Now that we've got all that time, what better way to clear our minds than by giving life to those DIY ideas we always had and never did? And if you weren't thinking of any, head to Pinterest, and you'll find millions of great ideas to enjoy some 'me-time' DIY-ing!
6. Dance to your favourite playlist 
 If there's one thing people are missing, it's going out with their friends, dancing the night out without any worries, and cheering their accomplishments with a glass of wine. 
Meet your friends virtually with a glass of wine, put on your favourite playlist and dance away the night. It might not give you the same adrenalin rush, but we're sure your levels of happiness will increase in no time! 
Check out our collaborative #IAmIrvettaWoman playlist on Spotify @irvettaswim carefully curated by the Irvetta team, including the women involved in our campaign. 
7. Take a relaxing bubble bath with candles
Take one evening to yourself; switch off all the lights and put away your devices; light up your favourite scented candles; put on some bubbles and relax to the calm sound of the sea's waves or perhaps the subtle notes of jazz. Your inner self will thank you later!
8. Read a book
Dive into the book that has been collecting dust on your shelf! Make yourself a cup of tea and lose yourself in a great adventure, or perhaps be transported back in time? 
Irvetta recommends: 
- "Becoming" by Michelle Obama: An empowering and inspiring written by once the First Lady of the United States of America about her childhood, career, motherhood, courage in life and much more.
- "Circe" by Madeline Miller: An alluring must read feminist reworking of Greek mythology. 
9. Learn something new
Now is the perfect time to challenge yourself to learn new things. Download a language learning app or channel your inner artist and paint a beautiful picture. 
10. Try out embroidering
Learning embroidery doesn't have to be difficult!  To get started, you only need ​​is a basic pattern and a few supplies. Give new life to your old clothes and find the perfect activity to keep you calm in all this chaos and uncertainty. 
11. Treat yourself to an at-home pedicure or manicure
Maybe the entire experience won't turn out as perfect as it would do at the salon but we can guarantee you won't regret the time spent with yourself. What's best? You'll come out of lockdown with fresh nails!
12. Treat yourself to a special dinner in
Set up a nice table with your fanciest tableware, light up some candles, order your favourite take-out dishes, and play your favourite songs! 
13. Dress yourself up
Being at home and dressing up can sound kind of incompatible, but it's something you should do a couple of times a week.  Wear a nice and chic outfit and make a plan as if you were going out. Dinner at home? Movie night? 
14. Give your hair another look
Step out of your lockdown comfort zone and try giving a twist to your hair. Seeing yourself groomed and with a different look can be the best medicine to boost your state of mind during these uncertain times.