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Primadonna Q&A Series: Stephany

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Primadonna Q&A Series: Stephany

We asked our mesmerising model, Stephany how she defines a prima donna alongside some other questions about female empowerment and her inspirations.

What does Prima Donna mean to you? 

To me, the “modern” prima donna stands for a woman who knows her own worth and beauty while at the same time see's the  beauty in all the women around her. She supports them and celebrates their uniqueness. She knows what she wants and doesn’t hide her light and passion in order to fit in. Everywhere she goes she leaves a bit of herself, painting the world around her in her own colors and always leaves a touch of her energy behind. Prima donna is a woman who is proud of how far she has come whilst always striving to be a better version of herself and never giving up no matter what comes her way. She is independent and often leads and builds her own “kingdom” as she doesn’t like working for someone else, or obeying to the rules of others. 

Who is your favourite female figure from a book or movie? And why? 

I don’t really have one favourite female figure, but a book written by  Clarissa Pinkola Estes - that I absolutely love! It’s called “Women Who Run With the Wolves” and tells you all kinds of myths and tales from all over the world about women and the wild woman archetype. She explains in a very poetic way how society stripped away the feminine spirit - the free - strong and the naturally beautiful woman. She gently reminds the reader to reconnect with herself, with her true nature and rediscover what parts of us as women have been lost, buried or demolished. She invites you to break free from all the concepts you’ve been told about how you should or shouldn’t behave as a woman and that you must listen to your intuition and sometimes even allow parts of yourself to die in order to be reborn. 

Which empowering female role model inspires you most? 

I don’t really think I have one woman I could name here. I’ve been inspired by so many women throughout my life, who all formed and changed me a little bit and helped me to grow and become a strong and free woman myself. Some of them I knew personally and some inspired me through their music or art or in other ways. My grandma, for example, was and is definitely a role model for me, who has always supported me with my painting, story telling/writing and modelling since I was little. She was always an inspiration for me with her creative, bubbly, energetic and loving character. Another woman who helped and inspired me so much, is the singer Sade, whom I have listened to since I was baby. I don’t know what exactly, but she just always makes me reconnect with myself, grounds me, and reminds me to always be kind and loving, and to trust in the flow of life and my own abilities. She taught me to be gentle, caring, to express and nourish my feminine energy and at the same time to be strong, brave and confident. 

Which pieces from Irvetta's Odyssey collection do you love most and why? 

My favourite piece is the Penelope set in pink. It’s very feminine and has a good balance between sexy and cute. It shapes your body so beautifully and “flows” with your body’s phases as it’s adjustable, so it will always fit you well! I also think that the shape of the bikini top is very flattering, whilst at the same time, it gives you the right amount of support in and outside the water. It makes me feel confident and I can’t wait to wear it this summer! 


What is the last soundtrack you listed to? 

The last song I listened to was “Girl” by Saygrace. I absolutely love the vibe, her voice and the message behind it! I can recommend it to all the beautiful women out there. 


Find Stephany on Instagram @stephany_blu