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Sustainable Fashion for 2021

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Sustainable Fashion for 2021

By Sophie Smith 

The past year has thrown each and every individual into unchartered territory. Whilst the ‘stay at home’ orders were frustrating and caused us grief, anxiety and loss, each at varying levels, when the world came to a halt, there were many positives for the environment. 

At first, it appeared that the pandemic offered an optimal solution to the out-of-control pollution rates that were forcing the earth into unprecedented levels of irreversible climate damage. Studies suggested that in the initial global response to the pandemic drove the most dramatic decrease in CO2 emissions since World War Two, offering hope that this was the turning point the globe needed to prioritise ecologically mindful living.

Of course, this didn’t last long. With figures now suggesting that CO2 emissions are back at pre-pandemic levels, we need to start to take action ourselves and opt for a more sustainable way of life, rather than simply surrendering to rising sea levels and lack of natural resources for future generations. 

Fashion and Sustainability

One simple way to minimise our environmental impact starts with the clothes on our backs. The average American throws out thirty seven kilograms of unused clothing a year, that’s the equivalent of 12 billion grains of sand. Imagine that on a worldwide scale. Given that most of the microplastics in fast-fashion clothing items ends up in the ocean, this only highlights the damage we cause our earth every time we make a non-eco-conscious purchase.

Combatting Fast-Fashion

Fast-fashion became a popular lockdown trend, encouraging bulk purchasing of low-quality clothing products that are barely used before they are discarded. This not only produces an unbelievable amount of wasted product but it also causes unnecessary pollution at every stage of production and post-production. 

The Guardian found that one in three young women consider garments worn once or twice to be old. A worrying statistic that suggests the threat of ‘fast-fashion’ has some women wearing two new outfits a week, never to be worn again. To avoid wearing ‘old’ clothing, one would need to purchase over 1500 items of clothing a year, that’s 45 million t-shirts being bought in the UK alone, only left to the rubble of landfill when the purchaser feels the item is too ‘old’. 

Invest in long-lasting staple pieces

Nobody is suggesting the prevention of purchasing any new clothing, but simply considering the items that you do purchase in greater detail is a minute example of how we can all contribute to building a more sustainable way of living. 

Investing in fewer, long-lasting items that act as timeless wardrobe essentials is an optimal balance between style and considering your climate footprint. Such items are then ready to be worn year-on-year regardless of trend and can be styled to complement a variety of occasions. 

Restyle swimwear for an effortless day-to-night transition 

Any seasoned holidaymaker understands the struggle of packing lightly. On any trip, taking a few staple items to reuse and restyle forms an essential part of the vacation fashion experience. 

This trick for lighter luggage and effortless day-to-night transitions needn’t be saved just for overseas trips. By styling new outfits from existing wardrobe items, you will not only find a myriad of new outfits but form newfound connections with old clothing and relieve some need to make impulse purchases from fast-fashion outlets.

Check out Irvetta’s guide to styling swim and resort wear with everyday items to create an outfit that takes you from the poolside to the bar with minimal effort, or additional items needed.  

Researching brand’s ethical and environmental values before shopping

Just like people, brands do not all have the same perceptions on combating climate change. When stores are creating new collections every fortnight or offering clothing for the price of a coffee: it usually comes at a compromise. Look out for brands that put profit over the planet and spend time researching their ethical values. 

At Irvetta, all products are sustainably sourced and eco-certified to ensure that we play our part in minimising environmental damage. The timeless design of the Odyssey Collection promotes the longevity of fashion: both swim and resort wear can be worn with pride as each fashion season comes and goes. It also fights against the fast-fashion cause by vocalising to customers that investing in a few Irvetta items that can be restyled is the perfect way to shop mindfully.

With these suggestions in mind, why not restyle your Irvetta swimwear into cocktail bar attire or make a pledge to shop at environmentally conscious stores. Use the hashtag #IAmIrvettaWomen to showcase your restyled looks and personal tips for living a more sustainable lifestyle. To encourage and inspire others, Irvetta will offer the opportunity to be featured on our social media channels.