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Why Silk Masks are Beneficial for Your Skin

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Why Silk Masks are Beneficial for Your Skin

By Stephanie Carmona Fagundes

As the novel virus COVID-19 continues to sweep across the globe, masks have become an essential part of our daily lives to prevent the spread. But wearing a mask can be hard on your skin, triggering several skin issues such as rashes and itchiness. One of the most common issues people are facing is ‘maskne’ - acne breakouts usually around the chin caused by the lack of breathability on that specific area of the face. 

What causes ‘maskne’?

The main cause of this acne is on the face masks’ materials. Commonly used by everyone, blue disposable surgical masks are actually made of nonwoven fabrics, a fabric-like material made from staple and long fibres, bonded together by chemical, mechanical, heat or solvent treatment. To sum up, it’s a material man-made with not a glimpse of naturally resourced goods and instead several chemical products in it. 

Besides these disposable masks, the reusable multilayer cotton ones are also high in demand at the time. However, these are also one of the main causes of ‘maskne’. Cotton is a material generally worn by many people around the world, but when it comes to breathability, we may admit it’s closer to none, allowing pores to get clogged up and in turn acne breakouts on the chin. 

Why switch to silks masks? 

It’s no news this gentle fabric has made its trademark in the industry for being, not only one of the most sophisticated materials in the market, but also one of the most coveted fabrics in the world. Its natural gleam and softness to the skin makes it a luxurious product worth investing in for anyone. 

Due to its multiple skin benefits, this soft material is commonly seen on luxurious nightwear, classic eye masks, elegant pillowcases…and now on face masks as well!

10 Benefits of Wearing a Silk Mask

  1. It’s naturally hypoallergenic.
  2. It’s gentle to the skin.
  3. It’s cooling.
  4. It absorbs less moisture than cotton, which is beneficial to your skin as it won’t dry it out, and for health, as it’s a far more effective barrier than other fabrics that absorb water droplets more quickly.
  5. It’s an effective alternative to any other certified mask. According to a study published in the Plos One journal, silk contains natural antimicrobial, antibacterial and antiviral properties, and when used in conjugation with respirators, perform similarly to surgical masks.
  6. It’s more breathable than multi-layer cotton masks – which prevents from getting ‘maskne’ breakouts. 
  7. It doesn’t clog pores.
  8. Copper – which has the ability to kill bacteria and viruses upon contact – can be found in silk, which has been proven to be beneficial when creating a face mask. 
  9. Silk is known for slowing down ageing. Silk amino acids, a natural nutrient found in the fabric, have been found to reduce specific signs of ageing, such as wrinkles.

As face masks seem to be staying with us for a bit longer, considering getting a silk-made one should be in everyone’s plans. Not only because it will surely level-up any outfit, but also as it has multiple benefits for yourself and your skin. 

At Irvetta, we love to create sophisticated products with the highest qualities and materials, and our latest silk face masks in black, nude and our iconic Peony Blossom print are proof of that. 

Besides loving to deliver sustainable and high-quality products to our customers, we also love to collaborate with important social causes. That’s why Irvetta will be donating 20% of profits to the Magic Breakfast Charity in support of children at risk of hunger in disadvantaged areas in the UK. 

If you still haven’t got yours yet, head to to get yourself one and contribute with such a noble social cause as this one. Limited pieces available!